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Wide field of vision


Disposable Extract Bags



■ Applicable scope of surgery

Applicable to a variety of surgical incisions (such as: endoscopic surgery, gynecological gasless abdominal suspension laparoscopic surgery and small incision surgery), can retract the surgical incision, expand the surgical field of view, and protect the surrounding tissue from contamination.



■ Model

Classification Model Main dimensions(mm)
Casing length
Storage bag diameter Bag length Cloth bag short diameter Maximum capacity of the bag
Round bag AKQWA-60 267±5 60±10 / / 75
AKQWB-80 92±10 82±10 200
Oval bag AKQWB-100 / 113±10 99±10 350
AKQWB-130 154±10 118±10 700


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