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Wide field of vision


Disposable Wound Protectors



■ Applicable scope of surgery

Suitable for a variety of surgical incisions (such as: endoscopic surgery, gynecological non-pneumoperitoneum laparoscopic surgery small incision surgery), can expand the surgical incision, expand the surgical field of vision, and protect the surrounding of the incision,The organization is protected from contamination.


■ Product features and benefits


 Woundless wound

Expand the surgical field of view, provide good exposure, and reduce tissue damage.


 ● Protecting surgical incisions

Prevent infection and tumor incision implantation metastasis.

  ● Prevent burns

Prevent incision tissue from being burned due to mishandling.

  ● Specialist Advantage

Caesarean section operation can reduce the pulling of the uterus;

Prevent secondary endometriosis after cesarean section;

The thoracoscopy operation hole can be put into multiple surgical instruments at the same time.


■ Model

Product Model specifications (outer ring D / placement ring D channel D / channel L, mm) Channel diameter
Suitable for incision size
Suitable for surgery
A 60/70-60/150 60 20-40 Pediatric Surgery
A 80/90-80/150 80 25-60 Appendicitis surgery
A 120/130-120/250 120 50-90

Open abdominal surgery


A 150/160-150/250 150 70-120
A 190/70-60/150 180 90-140

Cesarean section

Open thoracoabdominal surgery

(Gastrointestinal, Chest, Hepatobiliary)

A 220/230-220/250 220 110-170
A 40/30-15/20 15 15

Thoracoscopic surgery

Suspension laparoscopy

A 50/40-25/25 25 25
A 70/70-35/25 35 35

Thoracoscopic surgery

Suspension laparoscopy

Thyroid and breast surgery

Small heart incision


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