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Disposable Staplers Cartridges






■ Product features and benefits

 Excellent suture

Six rows of staples to ensure safe suture and consistent nail formation Complete product specifications;

 Complete specifications

A variety of components to choose from, to meet various clinical surgical needs;


The component has a 50 ° two-way swing head and 360 ° synchronous rotation;

 Cutting sharp

The cutting blade is replaced at the same time as the staple cartridge, always ensuring sharpness;

● Cost-effectiveness bureau

Can be repeated 25 times in the same case.



■ Applicable scope of surgery

The single-use endoscopic stapler and its components are suitable for resection, transection, and anastomosis of open, or endoscopic, lung lobe, bronchus, stomach, and intestine tissues.


Thoracic Surgery General Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Bullae resection  Stomach and colonectomy  Ovariectomy
 Lobectomy  Gastric-jejunostomy  Accessory resection
 Esophageal cancer resection  Liver lobe, cholecystectomy, etc. Hysterectomy, etc.




■ Model

Classification Model Specification Main dimensions(mm) limit deviation
Body length Sleeve length
Stapler body AKJQB-S Short handle 280 60 ±5.0
AKJQB-M Standard type 380 160
AKJQB-L Lengthened 480 260


Classification Model Color recognition Main dimensions(mm)
Nail height Effective nail height Resection length
Linear components AKJQWZ 2.5 1.0 30/45/60
3.5 1.5
4.8 2.0
Rotary components AKJQWX 2.5 1.0
3.5 1.5
4.8 2.0
Ladder component AKJQWT 2.0/2.5/3.0


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