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Wide field of vision


Disposable Linear Cutters





■ Product features and benefits

 Imported pure titanium stitching, safe and reliable.
 Safety self-locking structure prevents accidental firing.
 There are positioning buttons in the nail silo to make the tissue evenly stressed and consistent.



■ Applicable scope of surgery

This product is used in the reconstruction of digestive tract, mild side-to-side, anastomosis creation and stump incision closure.

Thoracic Surgery General Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Bullae resection  Stomach and colonectomy  Ovariectomy
 Lobectomy  Gastric-jejunostomy  Accessory resection
 Esophageal cancer resection  Colorectal and rectal resection  Hysterectomy, etc.
   Lobectomy, etc.  




■ Model

Classification Component identification color Main dimensions (mm)
Number of nails Suture length Nail height Suture thickness
AKLCB-75 Blue 76 77 4.4/3.8 1.5-2.0
AKLCB-100 Green 100 102
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