Corporate Vision

Committed to the development of high-end surgical medical equipment in China


100000 level purification workshop 1200 square meters


More than 150 sets (sets) of production, processing and testing equipment


Professional and technical personnel account for more than 30%

Company is located in Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City. It has a 100000-grade purification workshop of 1200 square meters, more than 150 sets (sets) of various production, processing and testing equipment, and has a testing center of the whole province. The company develops people-oriented, respects knowledge, respects talents, and professional and technical personnel account for more than 30% of the total number of employees; the company has a good sales team, and we sincerely provide hospitals and distributors with timely, thoughtful and practical services.

company has established a perfect quality system in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO13485, and follows the quality policy of "anastomosis is our starting point, growth is our pursuit, and brand is our destination ", vowing to build Anke into a brand surgical instrument supplier.