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■ Product features and benefits

■ Auxiliary products


  ● Minimal gap positioning prevents excessive pressure on the tissue.

  ● Unique thread design, less backlash and more accurate positioning.

  ● Dovetail adjustment nut to prevent slipping and breakage and increase the safety factor of the operation.


  ● Large-capacity visual staple cartridge can accommodate more diseased tissues and improve surgical safety.

  ●A variety of window dilators for selective removal of hemorrhoids to preserve anal tissue as much as possible.

  ● General accessories


■ Applicable scope of surgery

This product is mainly used for grade III-IV, non-surgical treatment of grade II internal hemorrhoids, ring hemorrhoids and rectal mucosal prolapse.

  ● TST accessories


■ Model

Model Main dimensions(mm) Supporting accessories
Anastomosis diameter Number of nails Suture thickness
AKGZA/B-32 22.5 32 0.8-1.5 General accessories
AKGZA/B-34 25.5 34
AKGZA/B-36 28.5 34
AKGZA/B-32(TST) 24 32 TST accessories
AKGZA/B-34(TST) 26 34
AKGZA/B-36(TST) 28.5 34


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