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■ Product features and benefits

 Imported medical pc,
Good tissue biocompatibility and high safety;

 Minimally invasive knifeless design,
Separate alternative cutting to avoid abdominal wall and blood vessel damage;

 Sleeve design
Prevent puncture and slippage, good stability;

Double seal design,
Minimize air leakage and meet the needs of advanced endoscopic surgery;

● Ergonomic design,
Better and more comfortable operation experience。



■ Applicable scope of surgery

This product is suitable for delivering CO2 gas into the abdominal cavity after puncturing the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic surgery, and is used as a channel for endoscope and surgical instruments to enter and exit the abdominal cavity.


Gastrointestinal Surgery Hepatobiliary Surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Pediatric Surgery
 Major gastrectomy  Cholecystectomy  Hysterectomy  Pediatric hernia repair
 Appendectomy  Choledocholithotomy  Myomectomy  Pediatric testicular sheath inversion / folding
 Ulcerative perforation repair  Liver resection  Ovarian tumor resection  Pediatric congenital megacolon radical operation
 Intestinal adhesion relief  Liver abscess drainage  Ectopic pregnancy surgery  Resection of benign abdominal swelling in children
 Colorectal tumor resection    Tubal surgery, etc.  




■ Model

Classification Model specifications Content Main dimensions (mm) Accessories
Inner diameter of casing Working length
Single pack AKTM-03 3mm puncture needle and 3mm puncture cannula each 3.3 88±2 Pneumoperitoneum
AKTM-05 5mm puncture transparent needle, 5mm puncture cannula each 5.8 100±2
AKTM-10 10mm puncture transparent needle, 10mm puncture cannula each 10.9 100±2
AKTM-12 12mm puncture transparent needle, 12mm puncture cannula each 12.9 100±2
AKTM-15 12mm puncture transparent needle, 12mm puncture cannula each 15.8 100±2
Group suit AKTZ-4 5mm puncture transparent needle, 10mm puncture transparent needle Refer to single pack
5mm puncture cannula and 10mm puncture cannula
AKTZ-5 5mm puncture transparent needle, 12mm puncture transparent needle
5mm puncture cannula and 12mm puncture cannula
AKTZ-6 5mm puncture transparent needle, 3mm puncture needle each
5mm puncture cannula, 2pcs of 3mm puncture cannula


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