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■ Product features and benefits

■ Supporting accessories


  ● Circle and line integrated design

The maximum number of ligation is 8 to meet the ligation needs of various types of hemorrhoids.

  ● 360 ° steering negative pressure head

Applicable for tissue suction at various angles


  ● Four-speed push-type adjustment knob

Simple operation and increased safety factor.

  ● Highly transparent expansion importer

Able to observe the diseased tissue more clearly.


Annex AKTZ-J


Annex AKTZ-T


■ Applicable scope of surgery

This product consists of a ligature body and Annex, which is suitable for ligation of hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids and rectal benign polyps in various periods.

Annex AKTZ-X/Z

Annex AKTZ-S


■ Model

Model Body length
Supporting accessories (pcs / set)
Expander, importer
Apron number
Number of elastic lines
Ferrule, pusher
AKTZA 245 1 4 / /
AKTZB 195 1 5
AKTZC 210 1 4
AKTXA 245 1 4 4 1
AKTXB 245 1 4 4 1


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