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■ Product features and benefits


● Selection of imported medical grade materials:

The tissue has good biocompatibility and high safety.

● Double-layer sealing structure design:

Strengthen the connection strength between the balloon and the cannula to prevent air leakage during the operation.

● This product won the national invention patent:

Patent No:ZL 2016 1 0296415.7。


● High elasticity and high permeability expansion balloon:

The intraoperative vision is good, and the maximum balloon gas injection volume can reach 900ml.

● Integrated design of puncture and expansion:

One device is versatile, fully meets medical needs, and saves surgery costs.


■ Product utility

It is used clinically to treat anastomotic leakage and intestinal fistula. It can also be used to drain and rinse the pathological gas, fluid, pus, blood, or bile, pancreatic juice, etc. in the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosis and treatment.


■ Applicable scope

This product is suitable for establishing an operation space and channel required for surgery between the extraperitoneal cavity and the surgical site before laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery.

This product can replace the current clinical self-made glove dilator, used in urological surgery and general surgery after / side approach surgery, to avoid the problems of incomplete sterilization and incomplete dilation; at the same time, it can also be used as a puncture device for laparoscopy surgery.

Urology General Surgery
 Renal cyst topping  Adrenal tumor resection  Laparoscopic complete extraperitoneal hernia repair
 Nephrectomy  Ureterotomy  Retroperitoneal tumor resection
 Nephrolithotomy  Retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy  Other laparoscopic / para-surgical procedures


■ Model

Model Body length
Working length
Inner diameter of casing
Maximum injection volume
AKQN05M 210 166 5.8 420(liquid)
AKQN05L 260 216 5.8 420(liquid)
AKQN10M 225 176 10.9 600(liquid)
AKQN10L 275 226 10.9 600(liquid)

Accessories: Three-way one-way gas injection (liquid) valve 1 group, gas injection (liquid) extension tube 1

Note: The situation and quantity of accessories are applicable to any specification packaging

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