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■ Applicable scope of surgery

This product is suitable for cutting and suture surgery when the foreskin is too long and phimosis; the complicated and circumcision circumcision operation is simple, convenient, fast, and safe. At the same time, it can solve the problems of foreskin edema, hematoma, and pain caused by clamping the foreskin during circumcision.



■ Model

Model Main dimensions(mm)
Ring cut outer diameter Body length Staple height
AKBPA/B-15(-F) 15±2.0 160 3.0±0.2
AKBPA/B-18(-F) 18±2.0
AKBPA/B-21(-F) 21±2.0
AKBPA/B-26(-F) 26±2.0
AKBPA/B-28(-F) 28±2.0
AKBPA/B-32(-F) 32±2.0


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