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■ Product features and benefits

■ Applicable Scope


  ● Imported implant materials:

Good biocompatibility, no inflammation
after long-term indwelling.

  ● Five-chamber flushing inner tube:

360 ° irrigated lesions in all directions,
local administration and overall rinsing

  ● Staggered hole layout scheme:

To ensure smooth drainage, reduce adhesions
and prevent granulation growth.


  ●  Integrated connection:

No clogging such as blood clots, avoiding open

  ● Double development considerations:

Support X-Ray perspective. Effectively monitor the
position of the drainage tube.

  ● Independent flushing seat:

Irrigation and drainage are performed at the same
time to prevent the digestive juices from eroding
the skin.

Thoracic surgery

• Pleural effusion

•Pericardial effusion

• empyema


Obstetrics and Gynecology

• Ovarian cyst

•Pelvic fluid

General / Critical Surgery

• Intestinal fistula, anastomotic fistula

• Abdominal infection, abscess

• liver, spleen, biliary abscess

• Severe Acute Pancreatitis


•Renal cyst

• Hydronephrosis


■ Product utility

It is clinically used to treat anastomotic fistula and intestinal fistula.It can also drain and flush pathological gas, fluid, pus, blood or bile,pancreatic juice, etc. in the human body to achieve the purpose ofdiagnosis and treatment.




■ Model

Classification Model Specification Pipe diameter(mm) Applicable parts Accessories
Celiac AKGA 10mm(30Fr) 10 Celiac /
11.3mm(34Fr) 11.3
12mm(36Fr) 12
Thorax AKGB 10mm(30Fr)With needle 10 Thorax

Puncture needle

11.3mm(34Fr)With needle 11.3
12mm(36Fr)With needle 12


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