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■ Product features and benefits

 Using emotional medical materials,

Has good biocompatibility and safety;

 Projectable under X-ray,

No imaging interference;

 Safety lock, curved design,

Flexible link, safe and reliable;

 Anti-slip design on vascular tissue surface,

Prevent the closing clip from sliding in any direction;

● Unlocking device,

Can easily correct the position of ligation during surgery.



■ Applicable scope of surgery

It is suitable for ligation and closure of blood vessels and body cavity tissues during surgery.


Thoracic Surgery General surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Urology
 Lung and bullae resection  Gallbladder, liver resection  Hysterectomy  Nephrectomy
 Radical esophageal cancer  Colorectal and appendectomy  Salpingectomy  Radical prostatectomy
 Mediastinal tumor resection  Stomach and splenectomy  Pelvic lymphadenectomy  Nephrectomy
 Hilar lymph node dissection  Gastrojejunostomy  Chocolate cystectomy  Radical bladder cancer
   Esophageal fundoplication    




■ Model

S, M, L three models, ligation range of 3mm-16mm, can meet a variety of intraoperative ligation needs.

Product Model Logo color Ligation range packaging Package
AKBJS Green 3-10mm

6 pieces / row

20 rows / box

AKBJM Purple 5-13mm
AKBJL Gold 7-16mm


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