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Clinical application of incision protective sleeve


The incision protective sleeve is a protective device for surgical incision, which can effectively prevent infection and reduce surgical complications. Clinical application research shows that the incision protective sleeve has the following advantages and application value.

Medical Consumables The Sword of Weapon Spectrum-Penezer


The sword of medical consumables weapon spectrum-puncture device. Piercer, an indispensable weapon in the medical field, is used to perform puncture surgery or collect samples. Its design is exquisite, one end is usually equipped with a thin sharp needle, used to penetrate the skin or tissue, and the other end is connected to a handle, easy to control the doctor.

Do you know the disposable incision protective sleeve widely used in clinic


Disposable incision protective sleeve is widely used in clinical surgical operations to protect surgical instruments and surgical incisions and reduce the risk of cross-infection during surgery. This protective sleeve is generally made of medical sterile materials, has a certain degree of elasticity and transparency, and can completely wrap the surgical incision and surrounding tissues.

Disposable incision protective sleeve, reduce incision infection, small trauma, fast recovery


The single-use incision protective sleeve is an effective measure to reduce the risk of incision infection. Such a protective sleeve has a number of advantages. First, it can reduce the size of surgical trauma, because it can accurately wrap the incision and reduce the damage of the scalpel to the surrounding tissue. Secondly, the disposable protective sleeve can avoid the possibility of cross-infection, because each patient can get a brand new protective sleeve without being affected by the protective sleeve used by other patients. In addition, the use of incision protection can also speed up the recovery process of the wound, because it can provide a good environment to prevent the incision from being contaminated and infected by the outside world. To sum up, disposable incision protective sleeve is a safe and reliable measure, which can effectively reduce the incision infection, reduce the risk of surgery, and promote the rapid recovery of patients.

Disposable puncture device: market development trend continues to improve


The single-use puncture device is a new type of product in the field of medical equipment. It can be discarded immediately after one use, effectively avoiding the risk of cross-infection. In recent years, as people's attention to medical and health safety has increased, the demand for disposable products has continued to grow, so the development trend of the disposable puncture device market has continued to improve.

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