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■ Product features and benefits


● 360 ° rotatable operating platform

Correct the relative position of intraoperative instruments at any time

● Unique lateral intake passage

Stabilize the air flow, timely smoke exhaust and increase the volume of the cavity

● This product has obtained national patent:

Patent No:ZL 2019 2 0176932.X


● Imported medical grade materials are adopted

The channel is soft in texture and flexible in and out of instruments

● Intervention through human natural lumen

Umbilical or anal, small postoperative scar and good cosmetic effect


■ Scope of application

This product is suitable for single hole laparoscopic surgery. It is intervened through the natural lumen of the human body. It is used as the operation channel for endoscopic, forceps, scissors and other instruments in and out of the operation. It has the advantages of less intraoperative bleeding, easy removal of specimens and light postoperative pain, and truly realizes the concept of minimally invasive and traceless.

Product classification Model and specification Channel condition and quantity Platform seat Size of supporting protective sleeve(mm)
5mm 10mm 12mm height Interface outer diameter

Transanal interventional type

DKB4-AL-Ⅰ 2 2   Basic payment 150土15
(Get higher)
DKB4-AL-II 2   2
DKB4-AL-III 2 1 1
DKC4-AL-IV 2 2   Lateral three-way gas injection valve
DKC4-AL-V 2 1 1
DKB4-BL-I 2 2   Basic payment 85土5
(Fixed height)
DKB4-BL-II 2   2
DKB4-BL-III 2 1 1
DKB4-BM-I 2 2   72土5
(Fixed height)
DKB4-BM-II 2   2

Transanal interventional type

DKB4-BM-III 2 1 1
DKB4-BS-I 2 2   55土5
(Fixed height)
DKB4-BS-II 2   2
DKB4-BS-III 2 1 1
DKB4-BL-IV 2 2   Lateral three-way gas injection valve 85土5
(Fixed height)
DKB4-BL-V 2 1 1
DKB4-BL-VI 2 2   72土5
(Fixed height)
DKC4-BM-V 2 1 1
DKC4-BS-IV 2 2   55土5
(Fixed height)
DKC4-BS-V 2 1 1

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