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■ Product features and benefits


Oval sheath hole design:

Make sure that the triangular shield is smoothly extended.

● Automatic rebound design:

The elastic hook automatically rebounds, which is simple and time-saving.

● This product won the national invention patent:

Patent number: ZZL 2017 2 0117698.4


● Double anti-puncture design:

Effectively protect the risk of organs being stabbed.

● Slope lining design:

Ensure that the suture thread secures the card slot evenly.


■ Scope of application

This product is used in laparoscopic surgery to gather tissue and percutaneous suture in order to close the surgical incision, effectively reduce the incidence of complications such as puncture hole hernia and puncture hole bleeding, shorten the suture time, reduce the difficulty of suture, and promote incision healing.


■ Model

Model Body length
Body outer diameter
Needle length
Puncture needle outer diameter
Pull the wire frame open
AKJFB 244 12.8 173 1.8 62


■ Operational use

◆ Operational use

Pass the suture thread through the thread clamp at the bottom of the body Pass the suture thread through the top of the body Fix the suture through the thread groove

◆ Preoperative steps

Insert the sutured closure into the puncture hole to be sutured Pull the button of the actuator body, open the wire frame, and tighten the suture Insert the suture passer into the guide hole on one side
Confirm that the suture passer is fully inserted, press the handle so that the elastic hook catches the suture Pull the suture threader outwards and pull the suture on one side out of the guide hole Press and hold the suture threader reset button to release the hooked suture
Insert the suture passer into the guide hole on the other side and repeat steps 3-6 After all the sutures on both sides are pulled out, pull the actuator body outward to push the button to pull the closure out of the body Tighten the suture, surgically knot, remove the excess suture, and complete the closure of the abdominal wall fascia with a puncture hole


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