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■ Product features and benefits


Improved TST operation concept design:

The position and size of the window can be adjusted freely, and the hemorrhoid nucleus can be accurately positioned.

● Using imported high-permeability PC materials:

The field of vision is good, which is convenient for observing the lesion and the placement of instruments.

● This product won the national invention patent:

Patent rights, imitation must be investigated


● Retain the scope of application of traditional TST:

By controlling window opening, single, double and triple window functions are realized.

● Design of extended anal expansion handle:

Increasing the torque, increasing the degree of stress, and anal expansion is more convenient.


■ R & D background

"Intelligent" variable anal holoscope system (RAS accessory)-jointly developed by Anke Medical and Fujian Provincial People's Hospital for research and design, used for the examination and treatment of diseased tissues in the anus and rectum, in conjunction with Anke brand tube type Stapler can adjust the position and size of the window during operation to achieve precise positioning and precise resection of the hemorrhoids on the hemorrhoids. The effect of removing hemorrhoids is much better than traditional PPH / TST surgery.


■ Model

Quality Regulation Composition The main parameters Inner diameter of casing
Number of windows (number) Window height (mm) Inner diameter (mm)
AKKGB-D Fixed coat mirrorA 1 42 38.8
Fixed coat mirrorB 2 42 38.8
Fixed coat mirrorC 1 42 35.5
Fixed coat mirrorD - 181 -


■ Outstanding advantages

● Accurate: According to the position and size of hemorrhoids, adjust the cutting range to achieve a good suspension effect

● Minimally invasive: preserve the integrity of mucous membranes and anal pads, maintain the fine sense of anus

● Precise: Control the removal of the tissue at the tip of the hemorrhoid nucleus, reduce the blood flow in the anal pad, and reduce the volume

● No worries: standardization, simple operation process, easy maintenance and management during operation

■ Scope of application

The RAS accessory is an auxiliary instrument in hemorrhoid surgery, which is used for the inspection and treatment of the anorectal site. It is especially suitable for multiple irregularly distributed and sized hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids that are close to a ring.

◆ A + C combination for single huge hemorrhoids, two hemorrhoids with irregular size and distribution
◆ B + C combination, used for three or more hemorrhoids with irregular size and distribution, hemorrhoids close to ring prolapse


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